Angelina Roz's story is different. Different in a sense that she remains different, true to herself, following her own motto in life - to keep on creating despite any hurdles.

Born in then Soviet Union's Moscow, Angelina's family fled to the heart of East London when she was still a pre teen. No stranger to performing, she would make ends meet with her all musical family almost every night after school, language barrier and all. Her early songwriting abilities would get herself and her sister, as a group Soul Sisters, winning competitions first at school and then eventually impressed Michael Jackson's brother Tito. When just 13, the girls found themselves singing accapella in true Motown-esque style in front of Whitney HoustonSoul II Soul's Jazzie B and recording backing vocals for Russia's answer to Red Hot Chilli Peppers Mummiy Troll


By her early 20's, she would gain more strength as an independent artist on the London Live Circuit. Going back to songwriting on the piano would place Angelina in her own inevitable genre inspired by the likes of Teena Marie, London's Ska sounds and her cultural background. Outcome - Gypsy Soul

Holding residency at the notorious Notting Hill Arts Club nights - YoYo's - where Lily Allen was quickly becoming an underground trend and BBC3's Max Reinhardt Radio Gagarin Gypsy Night, Angelina would drive crowds in to see her play backed by a mix of nomadic musicians. The word would spread globally through her MySpace million hits page and New York Times noticing her own travel lifestyle blog resulting in Grammy award winning Ne Yo buying her a plane ticket to R&B hotspot Atlanta.

It was at this moment in time when Angelina's mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness. A last promise from Angelina to always do 'everything for her', a bold but dainty inspiration for one of Angelina's many tattoos - she found herself almost homeless and distraught in New York not wishing to be disillusioned by show business, rather remain free spirited. Her gypsy life and different cities would propel Roz's inspiration behind her songs. Life, love, money and pain of a co-dependent relationship would be at the forefront of her honest song topics making them like visa stamps in her passport to the next destination. Heartfelt yet uplifting. Traveling and singing would merely settle Angelina in the gritty Naples in Italy before discovering her own feet grounded and heart open at the foothills of Himalayas in India through her own Music and Yoga Project MUGA, consequently a reflection on her latest songs performed freely with no ego, selflessness and truth. 

Her single 'My Passport' is available on ITUNES now.